Welcome to the “Faith At Home” Blog

A few weeks ago, Ebenezer CRC’s Education Committee set forth on a new experiment, with the intention to grow our congregation’s faith in new ways, and launched our new “Faith At Home” initiative. Every member of the church received a letter, inviting you to consider ways in which they might grow faith in your home. In that letter we wrote,

We believe that the church can assist your household grow in faith by providing quality programming, and by resourcing you to integrate faith into your family and home life routine, regardless of the age and size of your family, or the uniqueness of your family structure.  Your church desires that you and your household enhance the five core family faith practices, defined by John Roberto, president of Lifelong Faith:

  • Faith Conversations – “Listening and responding to the daily concerns of family members make it easier to have meaningful conversations regarding the love of God, and are ways to express God’s love to others.”
  • Devotions and Prayer – “Family devotions and learning provide a way to learn more about the Bible and Christian tradition as a family, and apply the teachings to daily life as a follower of Jesus Christ.”
  • Service – “When parent and child/teen together perform service activities, the child/teen sees the parent’s capability, faith, and values in action. The cross-generational bond takes place not only in the service event, but also in the retelling of the event through the years.”
  • Rituals and Traditions – “Family rituals and traditions speak volumes about what the family values, believes and promotes, and how much the family values its faith.”
  • Meal Time – “So many of the family’s faith practices happen around the family meal: having conversations, praying, reading the Bible, celebrating rituals and traditions, to name a few. The family meal is one of the few rituals that allow families to act out their concern for each other, and their need and desire to be together. The family meal is the time when family comes first, establishing, enjoying, and maintaining ties.”

This blog will serve as the place in which we distribute resources, and you are encouraged to consider them for use in your home.  And we invite you to interact with the Education Committee. If there is a specific area that you would like some more information on, or if you have something that you and your family enjoy doing that we can share with our church family, please feel free to contact us.

Over the next weeks we will be sharing some resources and ideas about Advent and Christmas.  We look forward to hearing your stories of how this initiative blesses your home!


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