Easy Advent Ideas

Advent is wonderful time of the church year, and it’s nearly upon us. It’s a time when our worship committee pulls out all the stops with special music, choirs, special presentations, and our annual candlelight service. It’s the time of year that we get to belt out seasonal hymns for a few weeks, and we feel comfortable being a little extra cheery to fellow shoppers. Most importantly, it’s the time we wait expectantly for the celebration of the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

But it’s also a very busy time. In addition to our regularly scheduled busyness, our calendar soon fills up with countless Christmas parties, last-minute gift-finding expeditions, children’s performances, family gatherings, more family gatherings…

How can we possibly bring Advent faith practices in our home during such a busy season? With all the busyness of the season, the idea of adding more to an already jam-packed season sounds exhausting, and finding intentional faith-growing ideas can simply deflate us.

Here are some simple ways that you can bring advent practices to your home:

  • Set up an advent wreath in your living room. They’re not difficult to make. It might take a bit of time, but it’s something that you’ll use for years to come. Alternatively, you could buy an advent wreath kit.
    • Some ideas: Sundays, before or after church, are a great time to light the candles of the wreath.
    • Take a few moments to read a portion of the Christmas story, or sing an advent or Christmas hymn, as you light the candle.
    • have a short conversation on what the significance of each candle is to you and your family (hope, love, joy, peace, Christ).
  • For those with children (and for those of all ages), The Jesus Storybook Bible works perfectly for Advent – and here’s a 24 day reading plan that you can read through December.
  • Purple is the liturgical colour of Advent.  Why not consider decorating a small table with a purple cloth or runner and candle (and while you’re at it, get a green, white, and red one ready for the rest of the year?)  

What other simple ways do you make the advent season meaningful in your home?


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