Advent: family discussion ideas


One of our most treasured morning rituals is a hot cup of coffee, just after the hectic rush of getting the children out the door for school. It’s at this time my wife and I sit for a few moments to talk, share, and take a few moments before we both head of to our own busy schedules for the day. For us, it’s important, even necessary, for us to connect, to talk, to be present together. And on occasion, when the kids have a day off, or on weekends, our children like to join in with a cup of tea (well, half tea, half sugar) or hot chocolate, and participate in our sacred time.  And it’s great to include them, especially when we can use that time for some good conversation.

It’s important as family to have moments of good discussion, and the waiting time that is naturally present during the advent season provides great opportunities for family discussions. (I’m reminded of the premise of Forrest Gump, which essentially happens on a park bench while Forrest is waiting for the bus, and some tremendous story-sharing and conversation follows.) Keep watch for those moments, listen for the “I can’t wait!” exclamations, and use them as launching points for some great conversation with your family.

Discussion doesn’t just happen around the dinner table. Great conversations can happen almost anywhere, given a sufficient window of time. Going for walks, doing the dishes, bedtimes, or even going out with the family to take some creative winter photos of God’s creation can be opportunities to share with each other how we experience and anticipate the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Here are a number of great resources to assist you in creative family conversations this season.

Vibrant Faith At Home has tremendous resources and ideas to use right in your home.  Here are some weekly advent discussion questions to use (with your advent candle lighting, if you choose). The link to the article is dead, but here is the article that is suggested.

Why not try having some great discussion about Advent while taking photos with your family!  LECFamily invites you to daily submit themes photos to help “Picture Advent.”  Grab a camera, send them in, and see what others submit too.

#Adventword offers a similar idea with their Global Advent Calendar. Check out the video explaining it below.

What other Advent conversation ideas have you seen or used? When do you find is an ideal time for faith discussions in your home? How might this advent waiting time be an opportunity for great discussion about Jesus birth and return?


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