Ideas and stories

Over the past few years, Pinterest has become one of the leading social websites. It’s platform allows the user to “help you discover and save creative ideas.”  And, based on the popularity of the website, it’s clear that as a society, we love to collect and share creative ideas. Why are we so fascinated with finding and trying the best food, craft, or birthday party idea?

What’s behind the implementation of these ideas are the hope that memorable events will be created, and stories will be passed down of that time when things just worked, everything tied together perfectly, and our family shared a significant moment together. That’s what we long for.

ECRC’s Education Committee started this blog with the intention of assisting your family grow in faith in your home. Our first request was for ideas to celebrate Advent. We hope that as you have read through the blog ideas, that your imagination was stirred and you implemented an idea or two during the past Christmas season. And while implementing the ideas are great, what’s more important are the faith-nurturing stories that can be cherished and shared.

Sharing our stories of faith moments with each other has a far deeper impact than sharing the latest family devotional idea. First, it helps us to be aware of those moments in our busy family lives when we are touched by the presence of God. Second, it helps us to develop a “faith language” – words and phrases which help understand and deepen our relationship with God. Third, our sharing stories of faith moments invite others into your celebrations, and encourage others to grow in their faith as well.

I invite you to share with us (either through email, or feel free to comment below) some of your stories of how you implemented an idea which was shared on our blog, or other moments of faith growth that you experienced as a family this past Christmas season.  And a reminder that the content of this blog directly comes from requests from our congregation about methods and strategies to nurture the faith of your family. If your desire is to see those in your home deepen their love and knowledge of God, and you would like some ideas to spur on your faith moments, please let us know.


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